Like the spine of a book, or the roots of the tree, or how the rivers spill out in the grasslands feeding all the life in its path, our spine does the same for our bodies.



What IS Chiropractic?

The word, Chiropractic, comes from the two Greek words, Kheiro - hand and praktikos - practical. Which translates as “done by hand”. My innate purpose or drive to do things with my hands and to see tangible results is part of what motivated me into the work of Chiropractic. Also my desire to bring health and to help people achieve what they were originally designed to do or be. We need our health, we long to be healthy.

What a privilege and honor I have to help people reach those goals. We are learning as a culture constantly. Trends sometimes damage our health, or it can send us in a progressively healthy lifestyle that will continue to feed and educate the next generations.


I wish health for everyone. I long to see generations growing stronger and smarter both physically and mentally.

What is your human potential? What does your body want to do or what can your body do if it is in the place it was originally designed to be?

Chiropractic care is not rethinking a new way to health, it’s going back to our roots and reestablishing what we were meant to be. Everyone from a newborn to the elderly can greatly benefit from chiropractic care.

 ~ Dr. Nic Robison





We believe our natural state of being is health, and we are meant to express this through our lives. Chiropractic care brings balance to the nervous system to allow our bodies to return to this state. Throughout our lives we are bombarded with stresses.  These do, and can include, physical, chemical and emotional stress. Stress alone has the potential to put us in a state of imbalance, and create patterns that keep us stuck there. Chiropractic care, and specifically how we serve in this office, is a method to break these patterns and restore the proper balance and function.

The purpose of our care is ultimately to restore optimal human potential to each person we encounter. Our goal is to maximize the expression of the perfection within. We are not giving you anything you don’t already have. We are simply liberating what is already inside of you, which is innate intelligence that is self-healing, self-organizing and self-regulating. We address what is right with you, not what is wrong with you.





Our approach is an integration of philosophies, concepts, skills, and models in which Dr. Nic has studied and applied over numerous years. He delivers these in a beautiful way, addressing each individual person from a holistic viewpoint. He will then determine if and where there is an imbalance in the system. Our objective is to clear patterns that are interfering with the function of your central nervous system.

By interrupting these patterns with an adjustment, we allow your system to move toward a state of balance and harmony.

The input we place into the system (adjustment) is tailored to your specific need at that specific time. This can vary from a very low force application, or a deeper structural application, all with the goal of returning the Tone of your system to a higher level of coherence and function.  

Whether you are currently experiencing a health challenge, or you desire your system to function at a higher level, our approach meets you where you are, and moves you toward the goal of a higher functioning central nervous system. When we do this, the potential to heal and thrive is maximized!






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