About us

We are a boutique, vitalistic healthcare studio serving an exceptional chiropractic experience to allow the fullest expression of health, healing and well-being.

Our focus is serving you and meeting your goals with excellence. Whether your goals are short-term or long-term, our desire is for you to leave our care in a better place than when you first came through the door.   You can expect to be heard, respected and loved.   Chiropractic is about LIFE and we want you to have the opportunity to live your best one possible!

We serve out of the awesome community of Midtown OKC.  While we are proudly community driven, we have clients from all over the country travel in for our care.  We couldn't be more honored to do what we do, and to impact the lives of people that we get to meet! 


What is Chiropractic? 

The word, Chiropractic, comes from the two Greek words, Kheiro - hand and praktikos - practical. Which translates as “done by hand”. My innate purpose or drive to do things with my hands and to see tangible results is part of what motivated me into the work of Chiropractic. Also my desire to bring health and to help people achieve what they were originally designed to do or be. We need our health, we long to be healthy.

What a privilege and honor I have to help people reach those goals. We are learning as a culture constantly. Trends sometimes damage our health, or it can send us in a progressively healthy lifestyle that will continue to feed and educate the next generations.

I wish health for everyone. I long to see generations growing stronger and smarter both physically and mentally.

What is your human potential? What does your body want to do or what can your body do if it is in the place it was originally designed to be?

Chiropractic care is not rethinking a new way to health, it’s going back to our roots and reestablishing what we were meant to be. Everyone from a newborn to the elderly can greatly benefit from chiropractic care.

 ~ Dr. Nic Robison