Dr Nic is truly one of a kind. He is patient, kind and so knowledgeable. He is putting my body back together and I can truly see the impact that Chiro care has had on my whole family. And an added huge bonus: the space smells and feels so calm. It is a moment of peace in the craziness of the day.
— Chelsey C.
I could not turn my neck and when driving a car, that’s an issue. Now I have full range of motion even with my ongoing degenerative disc disease! I have been going to Chiropractors for 20 years and I’ve NEVER had the results I have seen from Dr. Nick Robinson! His thoughtful approach and diligence to determining what is the cause of the problem, then determining a plan to rectify the problem, monitoring the rate of success and finally a simple maintenance program is a full proof approach to chiropractic care. AMAZING CHIROPRACTOR!
— Susie M.
Dr. Robison has helped me tremendously! I was having headaches once a week, and they have disappeared since I have been getting treatment. A beautiful office and nice atmosphere! I would strongly recommend Dr. Robison to anyone who is looking for someone who is looking for great care!
— Marisa U.
Without a doubt, the BEST chiropractor I’ve been to. My profession requires a lot of sitting with my head bent over. My back often felt “kinked up” to where I was always trying to stretch or pop it to make it feel better. I even started having trouble falling asleep from the pain. I knew it was time to be proactive and start preventing what could be some serious issues. He was gentle and took extra time to explain a little bit about nerves and muscles. He recommended certain exercises that would benefit my specific needs. I felt better instantly. I would strongly recommend Dr. Robison to anyone in need of good care.
— Danielle M.
We love The Chiropractic House and Dr. Nic!!
For those who are ever doubting the benefits of chiropractics let me share. I am a regular here and I just recently had a baby (8 weeks ago). Of course the baby comes with me when I have my appointments. I mentioned to Nic that it had been a few days since baby had pooped, he offered to take a took at him. Before we even got out of the parking lot, we had a major blowout!!! Baby feels so much better and seems to be getting back on his “normal” bathroom schedule. Thank you Nic!!!!!!
— Megan D.
It is always great to encounter someone doing what they love. ESPECIALLY when they do it so well! I’ve had chiropractic care my entire life, and Dr. Robison has a true gift. While some Chiropractic seems to focus on pain only, The Chiropractic House focuses on whole health and the overall well being of each patient. What a concept!

The office is beautiful, the location is great, and Dr Robison continually takes great care of myself and my family. If you want a better healthier you, this is the easiest and best first step you can take. I’m so glad that I did!
— Z Davis R.